Richard Custer


Richard Custer was born in Minneapolis, MN.  When he was two, his family moved to rural Central New York State, where he would stay until graduation from high school.  Through his high school years, he took four years of art courses (only one was required by the state) and participated in the creation of the sculpture of Roman General Lucius Cincinnatus that adorns the front of the school building in Cincinnatus, NY.


After graduating from high school, Richard joined the United States Air Force and served honorably as a weather journeyman.  He moved to Houston, TX after completing his initial four-year enlistment.


The artist within Richard was dormant until one Halloween night when he was driving home from a late computer science class one of his favorite songs come through his car stereo.  The song's lyrics made him begin to question the path he was taking at the time.  It would take a few more years, but Richard finally enrolled with the University of Houston School of Art to pursue a Bachelor's of Fine Art in Photography/Digital Media.


Richard's work incorporates both video and print images in order to explore issues of individuality and self-awareness in an increasingly polarized world which forces people to conform.