Richard Custer

Curriculum Vitae



2015                  Bachelor of Fine Arts - Photography/Digital Media, University of Houston




2016                  Wired Up - Modern Conveniences, Houston, TX - Punk-Hardcore-Metal Photo and Art



                          The Lens Capsule, Houston, TX - Armed and ...


2015                  Blaffer Art Museum, Houston, TX - Student Show


                          BLUEorange Art Gallery, Houston, TX - Conditions


                 - Shut Eye (


                          Cevallos Lofts, San Antonio, TX - SWARM


2014                  Blaffer Art Museum, Houston, TX - Student Show


                          MKT Bar - Phoenicia Market, Houston, TX - Slideshow


                          Alabama Song, Houston, TX - Exposed


2013                  University of Houston, Houston, TX - BFA Candidate Portfolio Presentation (19 Nov)


                          Main Street Projects, Houston, TX - Praxis




2017                  Desecrate The Faith, Unholy Infestation


2016                  Houston Press, "Death Metal, Love, and Mango's:  The Story of Insolvent,"


                          -insolvent-8995078 (2 Dec)


                          Houston Press, "Houston's Metal Scene Pays Tribute to 'The Master' This Sunday at

                          Scout Bar,"

                          -to-the-master-this-sunday-at-scout-bar-8251658 (18 Mar)


2015                  Cortland Voice, "See How Many Cortland County Students Opted Out of State Testing

                          This Year."

                          -students-opted-out-of-state-testing/ (12 Aug)


                          SWARM Exhibit Catalog (page 17)


2014                  Dead Dave's Radio Magazine, April (page 5)


2012                  The Venture, Spring



Creative Projects


                          The Houston Metal Project


                          Learned Family Project


Permanent Collection


                          Delilah Montoya, "Untitled (2013)" from Skyscapes